Senior Hydrographic Surveyor

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Familiar Technologies: CAD software (LisCAD, AutoCAD, 12D, Terramodel, Survey/processing Software (Geonav, SIS, Swathplus, Fledermaus, SeisImager, Stratabox, SeaLINK, QINSy/Qloud, Stratabox, Chesapeake), Multibeam Echosounders (Reson 8125, Kongsberg EM3002D and EM3000), Singlebeam Echosounders (Odom DF3200, Echotrac MKIII, Atlas Deso 300, Reson Navisound 515), Geophysical gear (10 cu inch sleeve and water guns, 24 channel analogue streamers, Geometrics Geodes, 3.5kHz and 10kHz Stratabox Pingers), Side Scan Sonar (Klein 3000, C-Max C2), Magnetometer (Marine Magnetics), Total Stations (Leica, Geodimeter, Sokkia), GPS (Leica RTK, Aquarius 01/02, Navcom Starfire, Trimble Al132gps, Ashtec DNS 12 and G12 DGPS), Motion Reference Units (Applanix POS MV, Seatex Seapath, Kongsberg MRU-Z, MRU-H and MRU-5’s), Radios/Receivers (Pacific Crest radios, MBX-3 Beacon receivers).

Regions of the world you have worked: Australia, Papua New Guinea

Resume: Please see attached file

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