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Here are some of the technologies we frequently use. If you have a question about this equipment or our survey services please contact us here.

Acoustic Positioning
Sonardyne, Kongsberg, ORE, LinkQuest

Multibeam Sonars
Kongsberg, Reson, Sea beam, Odem, Imagenex

Single Beam Echo Sounders
Odom, Interspaces, Simrad

Sidescan Sonars
Edgetech, Klein, Seabeam, Odem, Datasonic, Teledyne Benthos, Marine Sonic

GPS Equipment
Trimble, Hemisphere, CNAV, Starfix, Ominstar, Magellan, Garmin

Sub-bottom Profilers
EdgeTech, GeoAcoustics

Seismic Systems
Oyo, Teledyne, GeoAcoustics, Digibird, Price, G‐I Gun, Concepts, Syntron, Geometrics, Coda

Geometrics, Marine Magnets

Data Acquisition and Post-Processing Systems
Triton-Elics, Caris, HIPS/SIPS, HYPACK, Starfix, WINCNAVII, GeoDAS, Fledermaus, Coda, Kongsberg

Motion Sensors, Heading Sensors
TSS, SG Brown, Kongsberg, Applanix, POS‐MV, Coda‐Octopus, Octans

CTDs, Tide Gauges, Current Meters
Valeport, Odem, Reson, General Acoustics, LinkQuest, Teledyne, RD Instruments, Seabird

Cable and Pipe Trackers
TSS, Innovatum

Laser Scanners
Riegl, Tribmble, Leica Geosystems

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