Inertial Positioning solutions to Oil exploration

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Familiar Technologies: GPS, Inertial Navigation, Theodolites,

Regions of the world you have worked: Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa

Resume: Languages
English (fluent)
French (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
Portuguese (reading)

Current situation:
55 years old, physically fit, a father of two, I am French and a US permanent resident.

I have been since June 2009 Vice President of IPOZ Systems LLC, of Katy Texas. IPOZ offers Inertial Positioning solutions to Oil exploration business on land and offshore, in particular for Subsea Metrology. I performed the first inertial metrology for Woodside Ltd of Australia.

Previous work experience
From 2005 to 2009 I was owner and Vice-President of Zupt LLC of Houston.
Zupt LLC also offered inertial solutions for both Land and Offshore markets, mostly in Oil exploration and production areas. In Zupt LLC I had been successful in introducing and establishing a Backpack Portable Inertial System as a new type of land survey instrument in North America, and offered several versions of it for Homeland Security and Emergency crews. Zupt also has a long term contract with TOTAL (TEPC) to perform underwater metrology with inertial systems.
I have accomplished the first successful subsea Inertial Metrologies on record, both in West Africa for Total (TEPC) and in the Gulf of Mexico for BHP Billiton.

Zupt has also developed underwater orientation systems for seabed electromagnetic nodes.

I was previously Business Development and Customer Support Manager for Land Products with
Applanix LLC of Houston a subsidiary of Applanix Ltd of Toronto, Canada – a Trimble Navigation Company -.
17461 Village Green Drive,
Houston, TX, 77040. Tel (713) 896-9900.

Applanix manufactures inertial/GPS integrated navigation systems since 1991.
These position and orientation systems are used in many applications, including aerial photography, hydrographic surveys, road surveying, geographic information systems…

I originally joined to help define the requirements and develop a new land survey instrument using the inertial/GPS integrated technology (POS LS), in particular for applications such as oil and gas exploration. His last sale at Applanix was a multimillion R&D contract for the US military (Special Forces, Fort Bragg) for personnel location in GPS-denied areas. Joel was also sales rep and installer of POS MV inertial systems for Hydrography.

Owner and Vice-President of Benco Surveying Company (BSC). 1993-2000
2422 Hidden shore dr. Katy, TX, 77450. (281) 398-8585.

BSC contracted Oil Exploration land surveying on land, in swamps, in transition zones or on water, using many survey and geodetic techniques and instruments, including Total Stations, GPS satellite receivers, radio positioning and, for the last five years: “strapdown” inertial navigation systems (INS), which I introduced to the North American survey business in 1996 – until then INS were “gimbaled” and used only to establish control -.

Projects included both geodetic network densification and regular seismic exploration surveying.
Several types of survey QA/QC, drafting, GIS, database and word processing software programs were used on Pentium PC computers, including AutoCAD and MapInfo.

Property, access and land maps were drafted on pen or ink plotters (HP 650C…), or imported into graphic databases [Mapinfo, Autocad...].
I created and managed Benco in dual partnership since January 1993, and used his personal technological skills, and 20 years geophysical land survey experience to assure the necessary level of quality assurance to the clients.

Benco’s clients included all seismic companies operating in North and South America, including
CGG, WesternGeco, Veritas, Grant, PGS etc… and all Oil companies working in these areas, including Shell, Exxon, Anadarko, Chevron etc…

With Benco I introduced Sonardyne, Western-Geco, Veritas and others to Inertial Navigation.
Those companies subsequently developed their own inertial systems.

Magellan Systems Corporation 1991- 1993
Based in San Dimas California
Position: Marketing Manager for the Southwest of the USA, based in Houston, Texas.
Magellan –now Thales™- was a manufacturer of GPS satellite receivers, and I was responsible for the sales of professional products in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico, coordination of the local dealers, and product marketing for the Southwest.

GPS Technology 1990-1991
Based in Houston, Texas
Establishment of geodetic control points using early forms of multibase™ static GPS. Projects in Texas, Louisiana and California. The technique used a registered patent of the company headed by Harold Spradley, who is known for his books on Navigation and Surveying, as well as his work at the Defense Mapping Agency on the mapping of the moon after the Apollo programs.

CGG American Services 1988 – 1990
Based in Houston, Texas
Geodesist and seismic survey Supervisor for the USA.
The oil exploration company operated in many states of the US, including Wyoming, Texas, California and the North Slope of Alaska in the winter.

I coordinated and trained the teams of surveyors, and introduced them to computerization, total stations and electronic stake out.

CGG China – Indonesia 1985 – 1988
Based in Beijing
Survey supervisor for a campaign of two years in the western end of China (Xin-Jiang), a desert region with continental climate. Three seismic prospects were run simultaneously and in joint venture with the Chinese government. I then spent another year in Indonesia in the swamped jungle of Pakan Baru (Sumatra).

CGG North Africa 1984-1985
Based in Marrakech
Project in the Sahara in the South East of Morocco, actually not far from where I was born, which is Bechar, Algeria (in 1956, at a time when it was French territory).

CGG Europe 1978 to 1984
Based in Massy France
was originally land surveyor and became specialist of new positioning techniques and technologies in CGG. After two years as marine navigator, he returned to land operations as Chief Surveyor teaching the use of Total Stations, Electronic Data Collectors and Personal Computers.
He soon trained other surveyors in these techniques as well as satellite and radio positioning, before being sent overseas as survey Supervisor.

Land Survey Professional School 1977-1978 Meaux France:
Land Surveyor Certificate.

Science University Biology-Geology 1974-1976 Rennes France

Baccalaureat Math major 1974.

Sports (Rugby for a time), jogging.
Sailing, biking.

Enjoys travels and communications/cultural studies in foreign languages.

“Inertial/GPS System for Seismic Survey” SEG August 2000, Calga

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Survey Technician

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Familiar Technologies: Survey Grade G.P.S. Units, Conventional Total Stations, Robotic Total Stations, Auto-Levels, Theodolites, Data Collectors, Carlson Survey Software, Microstation Survey Software, AutoCAD Software, SurveyPro Software, ERDAS G.I.S. Software (ArcGIS),

Regions of the world you have worked: Throughout New York State

Currently, I am attending Alfred State College majoring in Surveying Engineering Technology. I transferred from Paul Smith’s College in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree and to expand my education. I have completed courses in conventional survey techniques, Global Positioning Systems, photogrammetry, control and datums, G.I.S., and more.I Have a pronounced interest in the field of land surveying and engineering and would like to further my knowledge in these areas of study. To do so I am looking for summer employment or internship opportunities.
Paul Smith’s College
Major: Land Surveying Technology
Worked toward Associates
Alfred State S.U.N.Y. College of Technology
Major: Surveying Engineering Technology
Working toward B.S.
Survey Technician| Jacobs Land Surveying
05/2008 – present
Given the of tasks of completing recon and collecting field data as part of a team or solo and responsible for adjusting and operating surveying instruments, such as the total station, the auto level and the GPS base and receiver; also, to collect and analyze field information and develop plans for land surveyors to provide the basic information required for boundary location, flood certificates, sight-distance surveys, land development and redevelopment, and such activities as road-building, construction projects, and subdivision of land. Also, to carry out deed and map research for use in all types of surveys.

 Trained in adjusting and operating conventional Total Stations and Robotic Total Stations, as well as modern surveying GPS instruments.
 Trained in CAD software.
 Trained in Deed and Map research at Courthouse or otherwise
 Capable of procuring agreeable public relations with clients and others
 Hard-working and self-motivated
 Reliable and Independent
 Self-reliant, creative, and adaptive
 Continually looking to learn and improve more skills

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